Blue Towel’s Going a Bit Dark for a While

It’s been a particularly busy time over in the ol’ real life lately.  I’ve been running the media training program that I do, including going through an extensive fund raising process to pay for all the relevant fees, getting ready for a new project in Nepal, working on an old project from Nepal, getting ready for a conference in Thailand, and so on.  As a result, there just hasn’t been the time to write up stuff for the Blog, even though I’ve finally watched Pacific Rim (fully enjoyable high-octane nonsense), as well as About Time (so-so) and the surprisingly enjoyable Lego Movie (which genuinely took me places I did not expect, and featured an awesome Batman).  I also watched the Next Generation episode A Matter of Time (lame) and have read the trade paperback of Age of Ultron (which seems to be the same storyline that I’ve heard X-Men’s Days of Futures Past has, except with Wolverine as the central character, so basically like the upcoming Days of Future Past movie).  Hopefully comments on all of that are coming…sometime.

But for now there’s likely to not be much, as I’m unlikely to have the time or the internet connection in Nepal to keep up with all this (although from time to time I may be able to sneak some out).  But you should be seeing soon a brief trailer for the new fun movie I’m working on in the margins of my life, so at least there’s that.



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