Funny Things My Daughter Says (#7)

Years ago, I was walking with one of my daughters (I’m not sure, she might have been 6 at the time), when I thought I’d share with her a piece of news that I had recently discovered.  The news was that someone had made a sequel (or, um, a “squeakquel” apparently) to Alvin and the Chipmunks.  My wife and I had taken our children to see the original in the theatres in a fit of extravagance, in what turned out to be one of the most laborious film experiences I had had in recent years.  But my children had enjoyed it, and I knew my daughter would be happy to learn that another one was coming out.

“And guess what,” I added.  “This one features the Chipettes.”

The who?  I went on to explain.  They are a rival group of  singing Chipmunks – this one made up of all girls.

My daughter, a lover of animals and a fan of nature documentaries of all sorts, broke into a wide grin.  “Uh-Ohhhh, I bet I know what happens,” she sang out.

“Do you?” I replied cheerfully.

“Yes,” she continued, with only the tiniest hint of embarrassment.  “I bet they mate.“

Umm….maybe not mate, precisely.


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