It Gives Me a Warm Feeling Inside

Earlier today, I posted about Olympus has Fallen, certainly the most intellectually and emotionally off-putting movie that I’ve seen for a while.  My friend told me he had read that review, and from that, decided not to waste his time watching the film on Netflix, as he had been considering doing!

It’s the first time that I have had someone say they made an actual viewing choice based on or inspired by something I have blogged about.

Which means (because of the nature of this particular choice), it’s the first time that I’m aware of that my blog has actually benefited someone, or improved their life, even in a small way.

Which somehow makes it all worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “It Gives Me a Warm Feeling Inside

  1. Thanks to you I watched the old version of Space battleship Yamato last week too, as the more recent version is not yet available.

  2. And was that a good experience? Since I didn’t actually recommend it (or even comment on it), I guess I can’t truly take either the credit or the blame for it.

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