Doctor Who Hasn’t Happened Yet

I am currently living in a state of quantum uncertainty.

The 50th anniversary special of Doctor WhoDay of the Doctor – has been aired, but I have not see it.  More than that, I have managed to not read anything about it.  Well, almost nothing.  I saw half of one friend’s facebook comment about it.  It registered extreme and surprise, but I don’t know in which direction.  Now, I’m basically avoiding Facebook.

Because until I see it, or get a bunch of stuff spoiled for me about it, then it’s like it hasn’t aired yet.  It isn’t good, it isn’t bad, it wasn’t a massive success, it wasn’t a colossal disappointment, it didn’t feature a surprise guest appearance by Sylvester McCoy and Catherine Tate, didn’t feature the Black Guardian as the Big Bad behind the Time War, it didn’t feature the shocking early regeneration of Matt Smith into Peter Capaldi…whatever.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve already seen the show, because for me, it hasn’t happened yet.

All this uncertainty should end when I go to see the special in a couple of days.  Until then, I have to avoid certain conversations with friends, overhearing any random comments from amongst the audience that I see the show with, and most of the internet.

I can however, watch any of the following clips, which are all things on youtubeIt’s a bit of a rundown on some of my favorite, goofy Doctor Who-related takes from various sources, often comedic, which are good for a glance of a chuckle.

• First up, Catherine Tate plays her regular character Lauren Cooper, encountering her new English teacher.

Spitting Image gives us a picture of what it’d be like at Christmastime at the Doctor’s place

• Craig Ferguson wasn’t able to use this cold opening of himself singing the theme to Doctor Who because of rights issues, but it made it onto youtube anyway.

• A coupe of sketches from 1999’s Doctor Who Night

• And finally, Doctor Who meets Star Trek in this epic unofficial mash-up on



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