Justin Case and the Adventures of Justin Case (I’m Gonna Use That in a Story Someday #7)

I’ve long been fascinated…well no, that’s too strong of a word, let’s say…interested in the name Justin Case. For no other reason than the silly play on words with “just in case”.  (I have a similar interest in the name “Justin Time” – but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that name used as a fictional character before.)

In any event, I’m probably not really going to ever actually create a “Justin Case” series or story, because my favorite part about it would just be the title…or titles…you could make up.

What would some of those titles be? And what would they be about?

How about…

Justin Case and the Case of the Unjust Tin Case

The first one I thought of a long time ago, and which, come to think of it, I have used in a story – a throwaway line in an interactive mystery game. Justin deals with a tin case that will only open or hold things for rich, upper class people, and not for the minorities or the poor working slobs who keep the factories churning.

Justin Case and the Just-In Case

Justin has to drop everything to deal with last second investigation which requires urgent attention.

Justin Case and the Case of the Ingested One-Ton Case

Thanks to Justin’s unreliable cousin, Shady Ron, Justin runs afoul of some suspicious characters who are transporting a crate full of gold bullion on the open ocean.  Things take an unexpected turn when the crate is swallowed by a whale!  Justin has to figure out how to save the animal from the angry criminals.

Justin Case and the Case of the Chase in the Crease of Space

Justin takes to the stars in this science fiction adventure as Justin’s secretary Millie is kidnapped by creatures who have stumbled into our dimension from a parallel universe.

Justin Case and the Case of the Just-Terms Case

Justin’s latest client is a poor single mother who is in danger of losing her home due to compulsory acquisition of her land by the government.  Justin must determine whether the government’s position is tenable, and whether anything can be done for the poor lady.

Justin Case and the Case of the In-Jest Rin-tin-tin Case

A lighthearted Christmas episode as Justin must figure out which one of his friends…or enemies…has sent him an unusual gift of a vintage steel lunch box featuring the famous heroic dog.

Justin Case and the Gist of a Case of the Un-jossed In-Jest One Ton Wonton Case

My personal favorite, this is a short “mini-sode” that gives a glimpse of a mystery of a compelling fan-theory regarding a humorous & extremely heavy pallet of noodles, maybe from an episode of Firefly.

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