Ray Sting Character Profile

I’m doing an online course about storytelling, and one of the assignments that I was asked to do was to create a character profile for an original character, and to then create some sort of online life for him (like a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or whatever).  Since I was allowed to use characters that I’ve already created, I chose to go with Ray Sting, the protagonist of Stingray.  I also created a blog for him, in which he is supposedly posting his journals from the time of his life that the movie takes place.  We’ll see if I get inspired and try to pull together a longer story in the form of blogposts, finally bringing to life the longer Stingray narrative I’ve always had in the back of my mind.  The question is really whether I can devote the energy to it to make it any good.  We’ll see.

Anyway, this is what I submitted for my assignment, to serve as sort of a prologue to this story:

My name is Ray Sting (yes, for real). To some of you, I will be the Ray Sting, but at the same time I know my “fame,” such as it is, was pretty localized, so I won’t be surprised if you’re not familiar with my story. I’m 27 years old, and am American – originally from New York – living abroad. I won’t go into details where. Suffice it to say it started as a compromise with my parents – get my education while still getting a bit of an international experience. It turned into a lot more than that.

Physical Description: Tallish, thin, agile, brown hair, with a hawk-like nose

Personality/Nature: It’s hard to tell now, but when all this started, I was quiet, trying not to make waves.

Is mostly seen as: This is a hard one. Depending on who you ask, and depending on which me they were seeing, I was either a hero, a villain, a dupe, or just the moody guy in the back of the classroom

Sees her/himself as: An ordinary guy, just trying to get by

Loves: Peace & quiet

Believes in: A higher power – pretty sure about that

Trusts: Eva – that girl can always be counted on to tell the truth

Fears most: Losing my freedom

Fights for: Myself. And Justice. Trying to balance the two, I guess.

Hates: Stuff that’s annoying. Which is a lot of stuff.

Most important event in life up to date: As much as I hate to say it, a poker game that I got roped into. That’s really where all this started.

Most influenced by: All the garbage in this world, unfortunately. Also, my Auntie Renie, who was the one who convinced me it was time to start writing all this down.

Best Friends: Eva. Richard, I guess. Maybe Jackie. Even Swanky McFee, I have to admit.

Worst Enemies: Warren, for sure. All of them.

Relationship/Family status: Single when all this began. Now…well, I don’t want to give anything away.

Social/Ethnic Background: White. Lower middle class.

Occupation: At the time we’re focusing on, I was a student.

Education: High school graduate, working on a general arts degree, so I could do who knows what.

Hobbies: Video games. Reading.

Special Skills/Talents: Rock climbing. Gymnastics.

Flaws: Hoo-boy. Gullibility, for sure. Insecurity in just about every area.

Style: Normally, just average – jeans and a t-shirt. But at certain times…well, that really is a story to tell.

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