Friday Fictioneers: Uncomfortable

Another round of Friday Fictioneers, where participants write 100 Word stories prompted by a weekly photograph.  Below is this week’s photograph, followed by my story.

Copyright Dawn M. Miller
Copyright Dawn M. Miller


Anne pushed through the heavy doors, fingering at her ornate necklace, uncomfortable with the luxury it symbolized.  But this was her life now— finery and the trappings of wealth.  She swore mentally at Albert for sending her in on her own.  Some sort of financial coming of age.

The salesman approached.  He was smiling past her uncertainty.  She did not fit in, but that didn’t matter.  Times were tough, and she had money to spend.

Annie turned and walked out. Albert was certain she’d grow into it, but surely to be happy one had to be at least comfortable first?

6 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Uncomfortable

  1. Thanks. I went less “fantastic” and more just “normal, regular situation” this time around. It’s funny how different photos inspire different responses.

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