Friday Fictioneers: The Vow

Once again, it’s Friday Fictioneers, where authors are encouraged to write quick 100 words or less stories inspired by a particular photographRead about it here.  My internet’s been struggling lately, and with various things of life going on I’ve had a smaller window to compose this entry, which is perhaps my most absurd thus far.  Apologies in advance to anyone looking for anything deeper.

Copyright Randy Mazie

The Vow

Alfie stared at the grave, a knot of cold bitterness growing in his gut.  The pain, the cruelty, most of all the injustice of the situation threatened to overwhelm him.  There and then, he made the vow which shaped the rest of his years.

Never again.

Never again would a little goat suffered as he had.  Never again would those who felt they ruled the night move with impunity.  Never again. He would show them that they were wrong.

Fear would be his weapon.  Rage would be his fuel.  And justice…true justice…the only acceptable outcome.


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