Friday Fictioneers: Divergent

Once again, it’s Friday Fictioneers, a fiction writing exercise I recently discovered here in which participants compose a story of 100 words or less inspired by a photograph.  This week, the photo is entitled “Fleeting”, and it is here…




…nearly knocked over by a speeding bus on the way home.  No one to blame but himself.  Lost in thought, as usual.  Like something out of The Partridge Family.  Maybe a family…travellin’ along, a song that they’re singing, come on get happy.  Once again, he envied the simplicity of TV, where it was all as it seemed.  He briefly wondered if Fred and Daphne were secretly going out, before recalling that that was a different show all together.  A cartoon even.  He quickened his pace.  Joan would be waiting.  A squirrel…

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