I’m Gonna Use That In A Story Someday (#5)

A while ago I was thinking about the names of certain animals (as you do), particularly those who have “compound-animal” names.  You know, like “bullfrog” or “tiger shark”.  I got to thinking about what sort of animal would you have if you were to reverse those compound names.  You could get wind up some interesting fauna, the sort of thing you might find on the Island of Dr. Moreau or in a John Carter-esque fantasy story.  Or maybe a confused world that Hanna Jo could encounter someday.

But then I thought how much more interesting this would be if I could find someone who could visualize these animals for me, give us a picture of what they might look like.  So I contacted my friend and talented artist Josh M and asked him to put together some sketches for me.  The results are below.

The Shark-Tiger

Shark Tiger

The Frogbull

Frog Bull

The Seal Elephant Seal Elephant

Cute, eh?

You can check out Josh’s blog A Look Askance here and see some examples of his writing.  He’s got a Doctor Who fan fiction in progress that I’m enjoying.

Thanks, Josh!

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