Friday Fictioneers: Persevering

What is this?  It’s Friday Fictioneers, a fiction writing exercise that I recently discovered here in which a photo is posted each Friday, and participants compose a story of 100 words or less which is inspired by it.  I decided to give it a go this week with a story that is very short indeed, but its what came to mind when I saw this photo….  



Seven more months, thought Ingeborg, and I should have enough.  Then, finally…my own clinic, my own style, my own boss.  No longer compelled to suffer fools quietly.  And Father will see, I was right all along.

If I can just avoid blowing it on a night out with the girls.




11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Persevering

  1. Dear Ben,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where brevity is the soul of wit. If you can say it in less than 100 words it’s all good. Nice one.



  2. Thanks all. I didn’t see at first that the guard was a woman. When I did, I thought at first I’d have to abandon my idea for the story, but then I realized that it wouldn’t be too hard to transfer it over.

    So Ingeborg almost had a very different name.

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