Birthday Wishes

I’ve just turned 43.

I like making lists.

So here we go!  43 things that I’d like for my birthday!  Or more specifically, 43 superficial things.  Because there are a lot of serious things I’d like.  Greater patience with my children.  Healing from different forms of brokenness for many people.  Eradication of disease and needless suffering.  For the God of this earth to receive all that He deserves.

But for this list, we’re sticking with things that, on the whole, don’t matter so much, and which range in likelihood from probable to nearly impossible, but which generally speaking I can’t do much about myself.

1. For Matt Smith to change his mind and give it one more year

I think the 11th Doctor has got one more year in him, and I’d love to have seen that.  I understand the whole deal about leaving before you’ve outworn your welcome, but I don’t fully buy it.  I don’t want to just wish for another bunch of stories, I want to actually see them.  Just like I do with Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, and Christopher Eccleston.

2. For Man of Steel to be awesome

I really am hoping here.  If they can just make a movie that 1. Has got a story that isn’t stupid or full of moon crater-like plot holes (which I feel like I should be able to expect, really…but you know, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol) and 2. Feels like those early trailers, I’ll be pretty happy.

3-5. For Paul McGann, Carole Ann Ford, and William Russell to make appearances this year in Doctor Who

I know it’s looking like John Hurt will play the Doctor who was responsible for the Last Great Time War, but maybe that incarnation only came about after a lengthy Paul McGann adventure that we could see.

And maybe at Christmastime we could have a story about the Doctor reuniting with his Granddaughter, and they could pay a visit to their old friend Ian Chesterton…

6. For a Special Super-Deluxe Edition of Les Miserables on DVD

You know, one that’s got an extra 75 minutes of footage giving us every scrap of music that they ever wrote for that show.

7. A better ending to the River Song story in Doctor Who

The Name of the Doctor contained what might be the conclusion of River Song’s story, which is something that is actually on my wishlist for the series this year.  But the way it was done, with the Doctor basically saying that River isn’t really alive anymore and needs to leave him alone sort of undercuts the victory and coolness of the ending of Forest of the Dead.  So I’d still prefer a more satisfying ending – suggestions can be found in my Doctor Who 50th Anniversary page.

8.  For the DC Animated film Justice League:  The Flashpoint Paradox, to do really well

Because I’d like DC to have the capacity to do more non-Batman/Superman-centric animated films.  Great Darkness Saga, Judas Contract, Return of Barry Allen…come on, let’s see this stuff happen.

9. For DC and Mark Waid to make up

He’s one of my favorite comic writers, and DC has my favorite characters, so I’d love to see him back again.  Maybe he could write…

10. The Forgotten Heroes

A new DC title featuring Wally West as the Flash, complete with wife and kids, and other characters who were retconned out of the New-52, somehow returned to existence from the pre-Flashpoint universe, maybe operating surreptitiously in the new DCU.  Maybe written by Mark Waid, as mentioned above.

11. For the whole “Silence will fall” thing to be completely explained

Because I can still hope.

12. For the new “SHIELD” program to air in Australia in a timely manner and according to a convenient schedule

Because it looks great.

13. For “Star Trek” to come back to television

An impossibility, I know, with the movie cast, but this is my birthday wish so I’d live to eat my cake and have it too.

14-16.  For Legion of Super-Heroes Archives #14, 15, & 16 to be released

That should take us up through Earthwar and the Omega story, and basically up to where my collection begins to be uninterrupted.

17. Also, for more reprints of the 1980’s Legion of Super-Heroes…

Along the lines of the Deluxe editions of the The Great Darkness Saga and The Curse.  Because Paul Levitz’ Legion wasn’t only awesome while Keith Giffen was involved.

18-19. And while we’re at it, for more volumes of existing Showcase Presents series to be released… Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Green Lantern, All-Star Squadron, and Batman & the Outsiders.  Also the debut of a Captain Atom Showcase Presents, featuring the 1980’s series.

Because I want to read years and years worth of Silver-, Bronze-, and Modern-Age DC Comics for practically no money, and I don’t care if I have to have them in glorious Black & White to do it!

20. For the whole “zombie/vampire/witch” thing to stop trending

Because I’ve always been turned off by all of them..

21. For the Star Wars saga to just be over

For me, Star Wars is Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and a couple of robots fighting stormtroopers and blowing up Death Stars.  The “new” trilogy gave us some great backstory information on the fall of Jedi and the rise of the Empire, but I feel like I’ve had enough of that.  So even though I enjoyed those first three movies quite a bit, I just feel over it.

22. For another Tron film, and for it to be amazing

Because I live on a planet where new Star Wars films are like, ho-hum, but a new Tron film is big news.

23. For no new Legion of Super-Heroes comics for a while

If they’re going to cancel it, just cancel it.  Keep it off the table until someone comes along and gets some fresh vision for the series that is somehow going to please the entire diverse fan-base while at the same time feel “new” and “relevant”.  If they just start throwing it into the background of other series with cavalier token appearances here or there, I’ll feel like I need to read it not because I’m hoping to enjoy it, but because I’m just worried how much they’ll screw it up.

24.  To get George Perez’ autograph at Supanova this year

Because I’m a big of an autograph junkie, and I’d really like to get him to sign either my Crisis on Infinite Earths Absolute Edition, or my Deluxe Edition of JLA / Avengers or better yet, both!

25-28. And while we’re at it, to somehow get Kurt Busiek’s, Jeff Smith’s, and Francis Manapul’s autographs as well. 

And John Ostrander’s too.  Because he’s cool.

But of course, this means those guys would have to come here, or agree to meet me someplace.

29-30. More books by Jasper Fforde

Ideally, a new Thursday Next book and a sequel to Shades of Grey.

31. For comics to stop depicting women in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable reading them, or awkward showing them to my kids.

32. The same as above, but with regards to violence

33. For Peanut Butter flavored sweets to become commonplace in Australia

I’m hanging out peanut butter Tim-Tams.

34-39. For Episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 of Evil of the Daleks to be recovered

A classic story restored, supposedly one of the best Dalek tales, amounting to six episodes more of Patrick Troughton and five more of Deborah Watling…that’d be great.

40. For Community to become easily available for me to watch, legally and for free

I’ve never seen it, but my friend says I remind him of one of the characters, and it sounds like something I’d get a kick out of.

41. For the season premier of Sherlock to be both awesome and completely satisfying

Because Steven Moffat isn’t always both at the same time.

42. For DC to start releasing older back issues of their comics digitally for their original cover price.

I’m talking about issues from more than 20 years ago or so.  Because who is going to pay $.99 each for digital copies of Action Comic #424, 425, 426, and 427, a bunch of random Superman comics from 1973?  Not many, I’m guessing.  But if I could get all four for 80¢ (4 x 20¢ cover price) than I’d be there.

And what a great marketing campaign that would allow for.

43. For Hanna Jo Episode 9, Hapless Force, and other projects I’m working on to come together

OK, I guess I can do something about that on.

But there you go.

I know, this is a pretty self-indulgent post.  But you know, birthdays.  And blogs.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. All right, you’ve convinced me. I’m going to spend some money and an iTunes gift card that I received for my birthday and buy the first season.

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