From the Family Vault – The Adventures of Baby Elissa, Explorer Detective

I recently ran across this little piece that I did nearly ten years ago, not long after my oldest daughter had turned one year old. It was part of an annual “family movie” that I do to celebrate all that God’s given those closest to me in our lives and in each other.

I had the idea of doing a bunch of these little “Baby Elissa” adventures, all with more or less the same punchline (ie, something extremely ordinary), but this is the only one I ever got around to.

By the way, I know that tigers do not live in Africa.  It was part of the joke.  And even though nobody has ever commented on it, I end up feeling self conscious every time I’m around to see someone watch this video, as if I’m worried that they’ll think I’m ignorant of such things, so I often make the comment.  I think I even felt the need to explain this to Elissa herself.


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