Iran to Sue Hollywood over Argo

Or so paraphrases the headline (here, among many others).  It’s hard not to react with all manner of comments to this piece of news about the Oscar-winning film, but I’ll limit myself to this:  if something comes of it, than maybe it’ll be a great day for the world, as then perhaps any of us who are offended by anything we see in a movie can start suing someone for it.  If your nation, religion, or other grouping that you belong to are portrayed in any biased or lopsided way by the producers, writers, or studios of Hollywood, than you may finally be able to find some satisfaction.  Just imagine all the groups that this will benefit.  The only question is who will step up to the plate first?  How about clergyman?  They often don’t come across well.  Or Albinos, who are usually inexplicably represented as assassins?  Or teenaged boys, who are generally shown to be snarky idiots?  Or petty bureaucrats?  Small town sheriffs?  People who play too much by the rules?  Prison wardens?  Seedy motel owners?  Obstinate air hostesses?  Heartless land developers?  Stuck up cheerleaders?  Nice but boring fiances?  Martians?  Tall, disfigured warlords on portable life support units?

Whoever it turns out to be, the door will be wide open.

At last.

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