Perth: Back to Dull and Boring?

It’s election time in Western Australia!  Just a state election, but still compulsory.  And no doubt that this year, 2013, is going to be the year of campaigning-related mail.

Just got one that I found particularly funny.  Here’s a quote:

“If [the opposing party] is elected, Perth will go back to being dull and boring.”

Really?  This comes after comments about how the opposing party wants to scrap plans for new exciting developments in our city (a new stadium, etc.)

In other words, it is these developments that are actually making Perth fun and interesting.

So in other words, Perth is dull and boring right now!

To me it sounds like something you might write in a draft letter where you are trying to organize your thoughts, but then you’d take it out as you refine your language.  But here, it’s apparently what they want to say.

“Perth is dull and boring – we are trying to save it, and they are trying to stop us!  Help us to help you. Please.”



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