At long last – Hanna Jo, Episode 7

Well, this took a long time.  As I’ve written elsewhere, Hanna Jo Episode 7 got sort of “rushed” into production early last year when Bairbre, the then-current star of the show told me she was leaving Perth.  This story introduces her replacement, Nadine.  Before I ever got around to editing Episode 7, I found out that Nadine was leaving as well!  This meant I had to quickly write and record parts of Episode 8 & 9.  All that meant that actually editing this story has taken quite a while.  But now, it’s finally done.

If you are a regular listener, you’ll notice that almost all of the main characters are played by different actors in this story.  That was for two reasons:  first, because of the way I facilitate the casting change from Bairbre to Nadine, and second, to make it so my children didn’t have to play multiple characters speaking to each other.  You see, Episode 7 takes place in the “Real World” – and my three daughters all feature as central characters, being played by themselves.  Normally, two of them play some of the other main characters, namely Kitten Kamala and Goldie.  So, basically I made up something that allowed the regular actors to change, even temporarily.

Anyway, here it is…The Hanna Jo Stories, Episode 7.


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