I’m Gonna Use That In A Story Someday… (#2)

I’ve decided to post random story ideas that come to me from time to time – either plots, characters, or moments, usually that I find amusing.  No guarantee is made that anyone else will find them interesting.

This time, we talk about an idea that popped in my mind while helping out with a play group in a church I’m visiting in England.

I was impressed by the number of prams (buggy’s) that turned up, and the orderly way they were positioned .

The picture doesn’t do it full justice, but it just made me think of a parking lot full of prams, all full of coats, baby bags, handbags, shopping bags, and all sorts of other potential loot for an enterprising thief.  I could imagine seeing some suspicious characters roaming through the lot, glancing furtively this way and that, seeking out the best pram to break into and rob.

I’m not sure if it would be funnier if it were some punky looking pre-schoolers, or some actual grown-up guys.

And of course, it’d have to lead to a mad chase by some incensed mothers or babies, pursuing the thieves that they caught breaking into their “vehicle,” attempting to retrieve their stolen baby bags.

I don’t know what sort of story this scene would find itself in, but it’d be worth a chuckle.

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