I’m Gonna Use That In A Story Someday…

I’ve decided to post random story ideas that come to me from time to time – either plots, characters, or moments, usually that I find amusing.  No guarantee is made that anyone else will find them interesting.

Today’s initial ideas both came to me from observations made while standing in the city for a couple of hours collecting donations for charity.  Many people were walking by, and a large city clock was in full view.

Idea:  A character insists that he has discovered something monumental about timeFor seven minutes or so before each hour, as the minute hand approaches the top of the clock, he realizes that time actually slows down.  Those seven minutes or so take longer than other minutes to pass.  He has no way to measure this, of course, since any device for measuring time also slows down.  But he’s convinced of it, and no amount of reason can sway him.  His friend, who is probably more of a point-of-view character for the audience, responds in disbelief.

Idea:  Somehow, some mysterious force is causing damage to people’s right arms, in a way that they are not aware of.  More and more people are seen walking around with bandages, casts, and slings on their right arms.  Only slowly, over time, does someone begin to observe this and realize there is a pattern.  Who is responsible, and how are they doing it?  What do they want, and how can they be stopped?

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