Death Behind the Camera (A Brief Glimpse)

Five years ago, a movie came out that changed the face of popular culture:  Astronomical Picture’s  Trilogy, written, directed, and starring the now infamous Dean Bean.  That an unknown like Bean could receive the freedom to bring his vision to life is something of a Hollywood Cinderella story, and in this case the Fairy Godmother was producer Christina King, who spotted Bean’s potential and managed to raise the money needed to pay for the ground-breaking film.

And so begins an example of one of the forms of storytelling that I really enjoy that I haven’t had a chance to highlight on this sight at all:  interactive mystery games.  You know, like those “How to Host a Murder Mystery” party games that you can still buy if you look around long enough.  I’ve only written a handful of them, and the above excerpt comes from my favorite one – Death Behind the Camera.  The story all takes place during the filming of the controversial movie, Trilogy III.

Some friends from work recently asked me to run one as a bit of a team bonding opportunity for them, and so about a month ago we did that.  Nobody solved it completely (so far, nobody has), but it was heaps of fun.  People dressed up, got into character, and walked through the story of trying to solve the shocking crime that takes place during the production of one of the most anticipated sequels in cinema history.  It inspired me to get back into finishing another mystery game that I haven’t worked on for about a year and a half – a very different story entitled Nine Motives.

If you’re interested, have a look at this short video of the recent proceedings.  Pardon the low quality – it’s just off of my phone.

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