Scout’s Honour – the latest version

I’ve just finished editing and uploading the latest version of Scout’s Honour, a film based on a short script I wrote years ago for the media training program that I lead.  This one was filmed in Thailand, where the same program runs.  I get asked to teach there from time to time on Directing, and one of the exercises we do is filming this movie, with me directing and the class working as crew.

Over the last few years, one of my goals every time that I direct this project (or have someone else do it), is to see how different we can make each version of this story. One of my favourites is the one I did last year in Thailand, where I made it into a bit of a romantic comedy with my friends Sameh & JoAnne, with a strong focus on my characters’ relationship. This time around, I ended up concentrating on “plot” – giving each of my characters a (hopefully) clear motive about what they were doing.

If you want to have a look at previous versions, check them out here.  Otherwise, enjoy the newest incarnation of the story below.


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