Hanna Jo and Bo the Duck, lost and without their memories

It’s exciting to be able to release the latest adventure of our young space explorer:  The Hanna Jo Stories, Episode Six.

It’s an intriguing mystery, featuring our main character wandering in an unfamiliar world without her memory.  Still, we purposefully dialed back the complexity a bit after Episode Five, focusing on just adapting one of the original stories I told my children  rather than three, and keeping the story about 15 minutes shorter than the previous one.  Of course, I wasn’t required to introduce a whole new voice for my main character, so that helped.

The nature of the story allowed me the opportunity to make two exciting inclusions.  First we had a cameo by a former series star playing a couple of characters.  Second, there is a major role for  Bo the Duck, who originally appeared in True Blues (see True Blues Retold on this site).  It was a heap of fun to write and perform new material for this character, who is one my all time favorites.

Anyway, enjoy Episode Six!

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