Captain Strong, Episode 48

Also known as Episode Three of Volume 10.  This episode was originally designed to only feature two actors, myself and Matt.  It was done in such a way that neither of us ever had two lines in a row, even when that required some writing acrobatics.  So as Matt told me, I treated it as much like a game as I did a story.

However, the requirements of the plot meant I had to include a scene with the character Commander Roxanne Hart, played by Melissa.  Because her character was talking to one of my characters, it meant I had more lines than Matt.  So to balance that out, I had Melissa also play a character called Monty who interacts with one of Matt’s (known as Bug).

Then Marie (series star from Volume IX) snuck in there as well, as the surprise character who shows up at the end.  So in the end, the whole “two man play” concept got a little lost.

Oh well, here it is.  Enjoy!

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