The Big 4-7!

My birthday is coming up, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not 47 years old, not yet. 47 is kind of a big deal for me, as well as for a big group of my friends, for reasons that are kind of long and boring.  The short account is that there is a bit of a numerical phenomenon that’s been observed around the number 47, which you can read out about  here.  However, long before I was aware of any of that, when I was working over the Summer at a location that had little access to TV, before any of us had heard of the internet, a group of friends of mine observed the same sort of thing in our own private way.  For years, we thought it was just our little joke, until we discovered it was actually part of something much more global, far beyond our scope.  (That was a funny experience – a little like a very unimportant version of those stories you hear about remote communities having dreams about Jesus long before any missionary comes to tell them about him).  Now I believe it’s a genuine, wider sort of shared experience – one that is funny but doesn’t make any difference to life at all.

Anyway, one of my “47” friends is Matt, the star of The Adventures of Captain Strong.  As we approached this newest episode, I knew I had to do something to make it a bit special.  (That’s really what led me to thinking about giving Volume X a celebratory feeling in the first place.)  So I made my plans:  for the first time, neither Matt nor I would appear in a Captain Strong episode (although we’re both heard in the title sequences).  Instead, it would feature former stars Mike, Melissa, and Liesbeth (my wife) as some of my favorite characters, including one whose appearance represents a major twist for the series.

I’m not fully convinced in the strength of the final result.  It’s got some good moments, including the very amusing Captain McSalty, but some of the specific celebration is lost in the midst of everything else going on in the volume.  But oh well, we did it, it’s done, and we’re not going back now.  Please enjoy the ever-so-significant Episode 47 of The Adventures of Captain Strong – Scourge of the High Seas.

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