Five Minutes That Changed My Life

OK, this latest project is a bit derivative, but still I enjoy it.  It’s called Five Minutes That Changed My Life and it’s actually an alternative edit of 4.4 Minutes, the bonus episode of 24 Minutes.

I like the 4.4 Minutes quite a bit, and because it’s shorter, there are occasions where I’ve wanted to show the film without having to expose people to the entire series.  So somewhere along the way I had the idea of creating an alternate edit of the film that would stand on its own, without being dependent on the bigger series to make sense.  To do this, I had to use a bit of footage from 24 Minutes Episode One, and to some particular work to the beginning and the end create a new framework for the story.

The idea is not for this film to be a replacement for 4.4 Minutes, but rather just an alternative.

Nathan and Hannah, the stars of this project, left Perth for distant lands a few months ago, so it’s a bit bittersweet to have just finished putting this together.  Thanks to them for all the photographs.



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